Soft Come the Dragons by Dean Koontz

Soft Come the Dragons (1970)

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Publisher: Ace Books, New York - Published with Dark of the Woods    
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  Dean Koontz is in league with the future.

Follow him as he leads you down the gnarled paths of night descending into the ever-present and terror-filled tomorrow. Come trod the byways to hell and to hope when you journey with:

Mutilated, mutant by-products of America's "Artificial Wombs" created by attempts at producing human weapons . . .

An American team of doctors sent to China to combat the runaway ultimate in biological warfare . . .

The genetically mutated daughter of LSD users, hiding her powers in order to survive society . . .

And Gabe, the vital, young man mistakenly locked in an antiseptic old-age ward . . .
First Paragraph:        
  "And what will you do when the soft breezes come and the dragons drift in to spread death?"

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